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Alumni Committee

The alumni committee was established in an effort to keep students who took the Inside-Out class in Graterford connected with the program. The purpose of this committee is to organize inside and outside student alumni and volunteers with the Inside-Out program to continue the conversation about, and transform our approaches to, issues of crime, justice, inequality, freedom, and other social concerns. The activities of this committee include maintaining a list of alumni, brainstorming beneficial ideas for the program and community through correspondence with other alumni, and creating a resource list outlining other groups or individuals with goals similar or related to those of Inside-Out. This committee is also creating an information-sharing network and holds occasional meetings with alumni, volunteers, and other guests of the Inside-Out program.

Book Committee

Inside-Out participants have written extensively on their experiences with and perspectives on the American criminal justice system. The Think Tank is coordinating the production of these original writings to be made available through a variety of printed publications, including an anthology for use in university classes and community groups.

National Replication Committee

The Graterford Think Tank is one of the central forces in the ongoing replication of Inside-Out throughout the country and beyond. The National Replication Committee does the “pre-thinking” for the Think Tank about replication issues, challenges, and opportunities.

Personal Development Committee

This committee’s function is to determine some of the needs of the ongoing group, in terms of such areas as leadership development and facilitation training, and find the necessary resources to address those needs in the group. The committee has encouraged the Think Tank to develop and practice new ideas for workshops over the past year or two.

Public Outreach Committee

The Graterford Think Tank has designed theme-based community workshops addressing issues of crime prevention, justice administration, and rehabilitation theories. More than 500 community members, public officials, representatives of local organizations, and students, faculty, and staff from Philadelphia-area colleges and universities have participated to date. In 2003, the Graterford Think Tank partnered with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program to produce two murals in North Philadelphia entitled “Victims and Healing.” The murals were created by SCI–Graterford artists, victims, victims’ advocates, community representatives, and Think Tank members.



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