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“Being in the prison system for almost 10 years, with this class being my first time coming into contact with people who actually care about prisoners and how we are treated, really left me at a loss for words… I can only say that my willingness to try to be a voice for prisoners once I do make parole is very much alive because I now know there are people out there in the world who really care about the way people are treated in prisons and the way prisons are being run.”


“My brain never stopped processing information as each student was able to add a piece to the steadily growing mosaic. For me, this is what a college class is all about. I left class with my mind racing to place all of the pieces discussed into their proper places.”


“I don’t think I have ever felt such a strong change occur inside of me and it will be something that I hold inside for the rest of my life.”

Inside Voices

“The Inside-Out program made me realize how people can come together to answer tough issues. Our society can solve problems if we could only have a dialogue. Also, that our society has some young capable students to move this country in the right direction.”

“Inside-Out is a way to uncage the mind. As the criminal justice system does its best to box in those incarcerated, Inside-Out helps us to gain the knowledge to break free of those restraints. A process where ideas can be discussed freely is very rare for those imprisoned; therefore, Inside-Out has a liberating effect. I’ve witnessed the positive change in the thinking of many men as a direct result of their having experienced the Inside-Out course. And as people are freed of stereotypes for a richer understanding of the issues, we as a society benefit in countless ways. Often, through Inside-Out, we take a more holistic approach and connect the dots that the media purposefully ignores. A more informed public makes better decisions which creates a healthier society.”

“I went through countless emotional changes and learned things about myself I could never have learned from any other program.”

“This course has certainly given my positional thinking an edge – one not entrenched in naiveté, but with an eye more suspicious of skewed stats, fallacial premises and hasty generalizations unsupported by proper data…I realize that my world is one where fighting for change is life – my life, literally and figuratively.”

“I can only hope that what [the professor] and this group of students incited in me will remain prominent in my mind. The heart-felt revelations. The profound philosophical views of some. But most of all, the feelings of acceptance by everyone…A reluctance to reveal my most private thoughts was overcome as I realized that the students and teacher genuinely cared. I’m definitely not used to seeing that kind of enthusiasm or sincerity.”

“The biggest shift that I’ve seen in the group is its cohesiveness. Everyone focusing on one thing, and moving in the same direction…This experience has been rewarding to me, because I know people outside of the walls care about us in here…I realize now that a lot of our concerns are not just our concerns.”


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