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Inside-Out Custom Trainings and Consultation

Over the past 10 years, Inside-Out has trained hundreds of instructors in the pedagogy, ethics, logistics and security issues required to establish and run Inside-Out courses. Our Instructor Training Institutes are offered in Philadelphia, Michigan and Oregon several times per year.

In addition, Inside-Out is able to offer specialized trainings and follow-up consultation. Some examples:

• Trainings to prepare a large cohort of instructors from a particular school or region, offered in one of our usual settings and addressing the concerns peculiar to that specific context

• Trainings (in a regular or custom setting) to prepare instructors who will be working with incarcerated students only

• Customized trainings where we don’t yet offer Training Institutes. For example, Inside-Out is collaborating with a consortium of Canadian educators and community partners to develop an Inside-Out training that speaks to Canadian contexts

• Trainings for instructors interested in using Inside-Out’s co-learner, campus-community pedagogy in non-prison settings

• Trainings and skills development for Inside-Out alumni who are developing their own projects post-Inside-Out


Inside-Out is also able to develop and host Inside-Out style workshops upon request.

Cost varies depending on the type of training desired and the amount of preparation time needed.

It is Inside-Out’s desire to complement and support our colleagues who use different models to offer education and other resources behind bars. If you have an idea for a training or collaboration between Inside-Out and an organization that uses a different program model, we would love to hear about it.

Please contact for further information.


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