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Inside-Out is a new way of seeing the world – a lens that brings into focus realities distorted by stereotypes and myths. Participants not only learn to look at particular issues from new perspectives, they learn to see themselves as actors in relation to these issues, as potential agents of change. Inside-Out equips participants with both the knowledge and the understanding to address criminal justice and social justice issues through action. Insights and feedback about the impacts of Inside-Out courses touch many dimensions of personal experience and learning.

“What a motley crew we made in that little program room at [the prison]. I often think about the incredible dynamic of our group and wonder what we must look like to the people outside that room. People of different colors, sexes, ages, education levels, social classes and opinions in a circle, laughing, talking, arguing and respecting each other for hours at a time. It has to make it difficult for anyone who watches to hold on to the status quo. The status quo says that doesn’t happen. It says that people are different and that some things are never going to change. For two and a half hours every Thursday this semester, we proved that untrue.” (Outside Participant)

Side quotes:

“Learning is like a journey through an unknown land full of wonders. Around every corner there is a feeling of discovering something new. Learning something new is like growing up in a southern climate and traveling to a northern one and seeing snow for the first time.” (Inside Participant and Think Tank Member)

“Most college courses are lectures and readings which, later on, we are supposed to apply to real-life situations. This class was a real-life situation itself... The students in the class gave it life – we taught each other more than can be read in a book.” (Outside Participant)

“We now carry the torch! We can provide a voice for those who can’t speak, and fight a battle for those unable to fight. I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of this movement.” (Former Inside Participant)



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