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Suggested Films

American History X (1998) New Line Cinema
American Me (1992) Universal Pictures
Birdman of Alcatraz (1962) Norma Productions
Blood In, Blood Out (1993) Hollywood Pictures
Brubaker (1980) Twentieth Century- Fox Film Corporation
The Chamber (1996) Davis Entertainment
The Color of Fear (1994) Lee Mun Wah
Crash (2004) Lions Gate Films
Dead Man Walking (1996) Polygram Films
The Exonerated (2005) Court TV
The Farm, Life Inside Angola Prison (1998) Gabriel Films
Girlhood (2003) Liz Garbus
A Hard Straight (2004) Goro Toshima
The Hurricane (1999) Azoff Entertainment
An Innocent Man (1989) Interscope Communications
Juvies (2004) Chance Films
The Last Graduation (1998?) Deep Dish TV Network
Living With Life (2003) Tova Productions
Monster (2003) Sony Pictures
Monster’s Ball (2001) Lee Daniels Entertainment
Murder in the First (1995) Warner Bros Pictures
Mystic River (2003) Warner Bros Pictures
The New Asylums (2005) PBS Frontline
On the Outs (2005) Fader Films
Road to Return (1999) Chance Films
The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Castle Rock Entertainment
Shakespeare behind Bars (2006) Philomath Films
Short Eyes (1977) Robert Young
Sleepers (1996) Baltimore Pictures
Somebody Has to Shoot the Picture (1990) Alan Barnette Productions
Stranger Inside (2001) C-Hundred Film Corporation
Waist Deep (2006) Rogue Pictures
What I Want My Words to Do to You (2003) Borrowed Light Productions



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