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In 2003, thanks to a Soros Justice Senior Fellowship, Inside-Out founder and director Lori Pompa began to share her successful program model with educators around the country. In a few short years, the program has seen an exceptional rate of growth. One class involving 15 inside and 15 outside students has grown into 300+ classes, with over 10,000 students participating in this unique and important learning opportunity. More than 310 instructors from 150+ colleges and universities in 37 states, two Canadian provinces and abroad have taken part in an Instructor Training Institute. And more than half of Inside-Out classes have received print, radio, or television media attention in their local areas, with more than 200 news pieces appearing across North America in the past six years featuring the Inside-Out model.

The program’s replication project is being stewarded by a number of advisors; chief among them are the members of Inside-Out’s network-wide Steering Committee and Research Committee.

Number of Instructor Training Institutes:
22 (from July 2004 through August 2011)

Instructors Trained (to date):
310 from 150 colleges/universities in 37 states, two Canadian provinces, and Australia

Academic Institutions Sponsoring Classes (to date):
58 urban, rural, and suburban – ranging from small liberal arts colleges to large research universities to local community colleges

Disciplines of Inside-Out Classes (examples):
African-American Studies, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Drama, Economics, English, Gender Studies, History, Humanities, Nursing (Public Health), Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Social Work, Sociology, Theatre, Writing

Correctional Institutions Sponsoring Classes (to date):
60 urban, rural, and suburban, including county jails, state prisons, federal prisons, juvenile facilities, and community correctional facilities

Number of States where Inside-Out has statewide Department of Corrections approval:

Courses Offered to Date:
300+ courses across 25 states and two Canadian provinces

Number of Inside and Outside Students who have taken an Inside-Out course:



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