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Interested in becoming trained in the Inside-Out teaching model?

The 2015 Inside-Out Instructor Training Institutes – Tentative Dates

January 5 to 11 (Monday to Sunday) – Philadelphia
May 17 to 23 (Sunday to Saturday) – Michigan
June 15 to 21 (Monday to Sunday) – Philadelphia
July 20 to 26 (Monday to Sunday) – Philadelphia

Click here to apply now for the Inside-Out January 2015 Training Institute.

The Inside-Out Center May 2009 Training Institute

Inside-Out National Instructor Training Institute, May 2009

The Institute is a comprehensive seven-day, 60-hour intensive training program that covers everything necessary to develop a course in the Inside-Out model: curriculum development, setting parameters, institutional relationships, group dynamics, interactive pedagogical approaches, and much more. Two or more of the days provide an opportunity to learn this transformative educational method through observation, hands-on experience, dialogue, and engagement with an Inside-Out Think Tank, a working group of inside and outside alumni, who have years of experience in the Inside-Out methodology. Training will be followed by consultation to assist in on-site program development.


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