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Inside-Out is a model of transformative education. Its unique pedagogical approach focuses on change for everyone involved: college students, prison participants, as well as the instructor facilitating the class. Inside-Out has a growing national network of instructors who are taking this pedagogy forward in their own areas, both in geography and discipline. It is very exciting to see this expanding national and international body of instructors take shape, as each new instructor brings a unique insight into the practice of the Inside-Out teaching model.

The 2014 Inside-Out Instructor Training Institutes – Dates

May 18–24 in Michigan
June 16–22 in Oregon
June 30–July 6 in Philadelphia
July 28–August 3 in Philadelphia

Inside-Out Michigan Training 2011

"...What I will take from this training is that despite how scholarly or academically knowledgeable I may be, it is not my job to push my achievements and knowledge of my specialty toward the students. I am only there to facilitate that deeper human connection, and that is essential." (Inside-Out Instructor, reflecting on the week-long training)

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“I learned more this week about learning than I ever have in formal education. I learned in a very powerful way the importance of process. Too often we get caught up in outcomes (which are important), but spend little time reflecting on how we learn. I am absolutely blown away by what I now consider the best learning experience of my life. The intellectual, emotional, physical fire I experienced this week was real. I can only work from this point at making my Inside-Out classes as powerful.” (Inside-Out Instructor, reflecting on the week-long training)




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