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Advisory Boards

Trained instructors and alumni on the Leadership Team provide oversight to the work of The Inside-Out Center. The Leadership Team is comprised of the Executive Committee and the Evaluation and Research Committee. To find out more, click on the links below.

Executive Committee

The mission of The Inside-Out Executive Committee is to serve as an advisory body for the overall strategic planning, decision-making, and implementation of the projects of The Inside-Out Center and the international Inside-Out program.
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Evaluation and Research Committee

The mission of The Inside-Out Evaluation and Research Committee is to serve as an advisory body to The Inside-Out Center on the directions of / priorities for program evaluation and research – and to scholars interested in conducting program evaluation on Inside-Out.
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“Learning is self discovery through the study of internal and external stimuli. It is spreading the wings of your intellectual capacity. It’s self and other empowerment. Most of all, it is the soul’s attempt to understand the universe, to see the intersection of cause and effect and ascend to an awareness that they are one and the same.”

(Inside Student and Think Tank Member)

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