Teaching Support and Resources

Upon completion of The Inside-Out Instructor Training Institute, you will have joined an international community of educators and leaders who are committed to changing the world through transformative education and dialogue.

• In 2019 the Inside-Out Training Institute offered its 1st Certified Certificate to attendees who have satisfactorily completed the training. In addition, we will also send you an Inside-Out Digital Badge, which you can attach to your email signature, LinkedIn page, Facebook page, and other social media platforms you use. Both documents will be sent to you once your account is whole.

There are several ways that The Inside-Out Center offers support after the training.

Inside-Out Resource Community

The Inside-Out Center also has an online platform to provide ongoing support to instructors and facilitate communication and collaboration. The Inside-Out Resource Community can be accessed at https://www.insideoutresources.org/. Educators who have completed all requirements of the Inside-Out Instructor Training Institute are eligible to set up a login ID and password. The platform contains the following resources:

Resource Collection
The website includes documents such as syllabi from multiple academic disciplines, memoranda of understanding (MOUs), training materials, research materials, classroom exercises, group project examples, program development resources, and much more. If you have any questions or you would like to share resources with the community, please send an email to insideoutresource@gmail.com. NOTE: These resources are intended only for instructors who have completed the Inside-Out training.

Data Collection and Sharing
The Inside-Out Center collects and shares up-to-date information on Inside-Out activity around the world. The website has a data collection page where educators can submit and view semester teaching reports.

Discussion Forums
There will be general discussion forums for topics pertaining to the broader community, such as strategizing outreach to correctional facilities, convincing universities to pay for inside student credit, working through teaching challenges, coming up with new ideas for classroom exercises, etc.

Inside-Out will be hosting periodic webinars on topics relevant to Inside-Out instructors such as: developing relationships with correctional facilities, establishing think tanks, professional and emotional self-care, dealing with trauma in the classroom, etc.

Resource Community link button
Click on the image above to log into the Inside-Out Online Resource Community. This resource is for educators and other professionals who have completed the Inside-Out Instructor Training Institute.

“I feel incredibly thankful to have stumbled upon the world of Inside-Out teaching. My involvement in Inside-Out has given me a venue, even as I am employed at an elite university, to put significant energies into education with disenfranchised people, as well as into collaboration amidst deep forms of diversity. The experience has highlighted the transformative value to students of combining intellectual, emotional and experiential learning. I have expanded my capacities and deepened my knowledge as an instructor and as a human being.”
(Inside-Out Instructor)