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Research: General Overview

At least two books and nearly 40 academic articles have been written about the work of The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program®. Click here to see an updated list. If you are aware of other scholarly materials, please email them to

In 2016, the Evaluation and Research Committee produced a document called Perspectives on Ethical Inquiry as a resource for anyone seeking to carry out research and evaluation of the program. The perspectives shared in this document align fully with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regulations designed to establish basic protections for all human research participants, and specifically those pertinent to program evaluation or research involving people who are incarcerated (45 CFR Part 46, Subpart C). 

In addition, these perspectives are intended to elevate the spirit of the Inside-Out mission and vision for those who propose program evaluation or research on Inside-Out. In offering these perspectives, we hope that the essential preparations for program evaluation or research culminate in protocols that exceed human subjects requirements in ways that honor the general issues raised here. 

Thus, "Perspectives" is offered less as a practical or instructional guideline for inquiry, but more as a general call to evaluators/researchers to be mindful of how they approach the endeavor of researching and evaluating Inside-Out and other higher education programs where participants include people who are incarcerated.

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Click here for a PDF of the Perspectives on Ethical Inquiry.

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