Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, IL / DePaul University

Inside-Out Visionaries
Project X
My Life Matters Project
Restoration Collaboration Project

Coordinator: Kimberly Moe

These four think tanks, each meeting monthly, involve a total of 100 participants. The groups meet at the Stateville Correctional Center in the Chicago area. Inside-Out Visionaries produces a newsletter each month, while Project X is designing an original curriculum, syllabus, and lessons to provide of kind of correspondence course for those on the inside interested in continuing their education. The My Life Matters Project has been involved in a letter-writing campaign, and the Restoration Collaboration Project is busy developing a three-tier project around Transforming Historical Harms.

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“Inside-Out is a way to uncage the mind. As the criminal justice system does its best to box in those incarcerated, Inside-Out helps us to gain the knowledge to break free of those restraints. A process where ideas can be discussed freely is very rare for those imprisoned; therefore, Inside-Out has a liberating effect. I’ve witnessed the positive change in the thinking of many men as a direct result of their having experienced the Inside-Out course. And as people are freed of stereotypes for a richer understanding of the issues, we as a society benefit in countless ways. Often, through Inside-Out, we take a more holistic approach and connect the dots that the media purposefully ignores. A more informed public makes better decisions which creates a healthier society.”
(Inside Participant)