Arizona Transformation Project Think Tank

Arizona State Prison Complex – Florence / Arizona State University

Coordinator: Kevin Wright

The Arizona Transformation Project (ATP) is an Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program think tank. The ATP began in 2016 as a collaboration between students and faculty from the Arizona State University (ASU) School of Criminology and Criminal Justice and incarcerated men at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Florence, AZ following the completion of the first Inside-Out Prison Exchange course in Arizona in spring 2016.

The first class was an overwhelming success, but it left students and facilitators with the sense that there was still more work to be done. Inside students of that first class were invited to apply to be part of a “think tank” that would bring together facilitators with inside student alumni to continue the work of Inside-Out. Five students were selected to be a part of this group, which would meet biweekly in the visitation room of the East Unit at ASPC-Florence over the summer of 2016. These eight individuals – five inside students and three course facilitators – would develop the name, mission statement, and goals and responsibilities of the Arizona Transformation Project.

The mission of the ATP is to produce and maintain high-quality learning opportunities that will make our communities and correctional facilities more just and socially aware – through collaboration, dialogue, and transformative experiences. Click here to visit their new website!

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Logo from the The Arizona Transformation Project (ATP)

"Inside-Out has done nothing less than change my life. We have learned to work together and collaborate as a group in such a short time, something that I have never seen in any other class at ASU."
(Outside Participant)

"The Inside-Out prison exchange class has been more rewarding than I ever could've imagined. One class at a time we are able to apply our experiences to help restore, enrich, and rebuild our society together. And this is a huge step toward a better future."
(Inside Participant)