Mexico Think Tank

Reclusorio Metropolitano / Guadalajara, Mexico

Coordinator: Danielle Strickland

The Mexico Think Tank has been operating since February 2018 in the Reclusorio Metropolitano on the outskirts of Guadalajara, Jalisco, a high security state prison for members of cartels and other organized crime groups. The focus of the seminar is writing narratives and producing a biannual literary magazine called Rompemuros.

The group has now published two numbers of Rompemuros, the second based on the theme of “first steps” which includes personal stories of migrating with organized crime groups to the US, entering a cartel and entering the prison system. Both numbers are available in print and on our webpage

This Think Tank also co-facilitated the first Inside-Out training in Spanish in August 2018 with professors from five different universities in Mexico.

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Mexico Think Tank

“Learning is self discovery thorugh the study of internal and external stimuli. It is spreading the wings of your intellectual capacity. It’s self and other empowerment. Most of all, it is the soul’s attempt to understand the universe, to see the intersection of cause and effect and ascend to an awareness that they are one and the same.”
(Inside Participant)