Law and Politics Think Tank

Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, IL / DePaul University

Coordinator: Christina Rivers

The Law and Politics Think Tank is an outgrowth of an Inside-Out course on law and politics, that was initially taught in Spring of 2016. The think tank began in September of 2016, and meets monthly (biweekly in summer). This think tank is based on the final group projects submitted for that course, which were public policy proposals around: a) voter education and registration as part of the release process, b) police and prosecutorial accountability, and c) restorative justice-based transitional housing for re-entering individuals. The key goal of the think-tank is to revise the class projects into policy proposals, and submit them to state and local law-makers who are committed to criminal justice reform. The think tank has also been collaborating with local litigators and lobbyists who advocate for such reform. New projects will be introduced based on insiders' preferences, and on class group projects submitted with each iteration of the law and politics course.

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“Class sessions were not ‘classes’ by the usual standard. They were safety nets, zones by which we could come together and discuss issues commonly significant to all of us, problems and solutions that we felt were important to consider and resolve.” (Outside Participant)