New Destiny Think Tank

State Correctional Institution at Albion, PA / Gannon University – Mercyhurst University

Coordinators: Andrew Caswell and Maria Garase

The New Destiny Think Tank is a small group of long-term, incarcerated individuals selected by SCI Albion senior staff and brought together to work towards building better communities both inside and outside the prison wire. Our main focus is restorative justice, trying to devise strategies to repair some of the damage crime has done to those communities. To this end, we work with at-risk youth to try to divert them from a life of crime; with stakeholders in the criminal justice field to foster mutual understanding and respect; and with individuals affected by crime, including victims, families, and offenders. We also work with local university faculty and students to create a dialogue with those training for careers in the criminal justice industry and related social service fields.

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I learned a lot from the course about myself. For example: my ability to socialize with people of different ethnic groups, creeds, nationalities, and social status. Like this light being turned on in a vacuum of pitch-blackness, the Inside-Out program has given me hope and filled me with optimism about the future.
(Inside Participant)