Big Bang Theory Group

Floyd County Prison in Rome, GA / Berry College

Coordinator: Sarah Allred

One of the newest think tanks, the Big Bang Theory Group began in March of 2014. Its mission is to inspire, empower, and encourage people incarcerated in the prison. BBT produces a quarterly newsletter that includes short stories, reflections, activities, and a crossword puzzle. Currently, the focus of the group is on two initiatives: financial literacy and notions of masculinity. In the financial literacy initiative, BBT members are partnering with employees of a local banking institution. Working together, they are preparing to offer a 10-week course called “Smart Money for Young Adults” (an FDIC curriculum) as part of the prison's re-entry program.

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“I can only hope that what [the instructor] and this group of students incited in me will remain prominent in my mind. The heart-felt revelations. The profound philosophical views of some. But most of all, the feelings of acceptance by everyone…A reluctance to reveal my most private thoughts was overcome as I realized that the students and teacher genuinely cared. I’m definitely not used to seeing that kind of enthusiasm or sincerity.”
(Inside Participant)