People for Change Think Tank

Toledo Correctional Facility in Toledo, OH / University of Toledo

Coordinator: Renee Heberlee

People for Change is the alumni think tank in Toledo, involving seven regular attendees from the outside and fifteen from the inside. The group sponsors workshops on topics in the liberal arts and brings writers and authors into the prison for events. They publish a quarterly newsletter with contributions from members and the community. The group also fundraises for local organizations and creates public art to support community consciousness-raising. Finally, People for Change trained members on the inside to conduct interpersonal communications workshops for the general population at Toledo Correctional.

"Mural offers prisoners a ‘Passage of Hope,’" The Toledo Blade, November 2, 2016.

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“Being in the prison system for almost 10 years, with this class being my first time coming into contact with people who actually care about prisoners and how we are treated, really left me at a loss for words… I can only say that my willingness to try to be a voice for prisoners once I do make parole is very much alive because I now know there are people out there in the world who really care about the way people are treated in prisons and the way prisons are being run.”
(Inside Participant)