What Does Inside-Out Look Like?

It is difficult to describe Inside-Out with words alone. The videos below offer a glimpse of what happens in an Inside-Out classroom and how it impacts people on both sides of the prison wall. To watch a YouTube playlist of videos about Inside-Out, click HERE.

Founder and Executive Director Lori Pompa talks about her experience of teaching in The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program.

"Past mistakes are meant to guide you, not define you." A video essay from 2015 by students at Imperial Valley College and the Imperial County Jail in California.

This 2017 news report from Guadalajara, Mexico is in Spanish, but highlights the closing ceremony of Mexico's fourth Inside-Out course, a graduate studies program on Crime, Justice and Social Inclusion. The course took place in a specialized prison for members of drug cartels with a group of outside students comprised of social workers, criminologists, psychologists and sociologists. Those interviewed in the clip highlight how Inside-Out helped them analyze the severe problems with Mexico's prison system and overcome social stereotypes and labels. Professor Danielle Strickland teaches through the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional.

Professor Colleen Hackett and her students from Colorado State University and La Vista Correctional Facility share how a 2017 Inside-Out sociology course succeeded in breaking down stereotypes and forming a community that transcended different life experiences.

Professor Joanne Falvai from Vancouver Island University and her students talk about the Inside-Out class held at Nanaimo Correctional Centre in British Columbia.

In this TEDx talk, professors and students from Ohio State University discuss the power of the Inside-Out approach to education.

A short documentary on The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program produced with the support of the University of Oregon’s Robert D. Clark Honors College

A short documentary featuring students, faculty, correctional personnel involved in an Inside-Out partnership with the University of Michigan – Dearborn.

Philosophy professor Dominica Kimberly Moe talks about her experience of teaching philosophy and community service classes through DePaul University. Click here to find out more.

Psychology professor Amanda Zelechoski talks about her experience of teaching Inside-Out courses through Valparaiso University.

“Learning is like a journey through an unknown land full of wonders. Around every corner there is a feeling of discovering something new. Learning something new is like growing up in a southern climate and traveling to a northern one and seeing snow for the first time.”
(Inside Participant and Think Tank Member)

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