Corrections Partners

The following is a list of correctional institutions that have hosted Inside-Out courses:

If you are a correctional administrator and would like to host an Inside-Out course at your facility, please contact Dave Krueger, who will locate trained instructors in your area available to set up and teach a course. To update information on this page, please email Dave Krueger.

United States

" Sheriff Tom Dart called the benefits of the [Inside-Out] class 'immeasurable.'

'We’re trying to get (inmates) to think differently about themselves and the world,' Dart said. 'They are capable of being college educated, they are capable of being in a college classroom and they’re capable of succeeding. For most people, that’s such a rote thing. For most of these individuals, that’s never been open to them.'

Dart said programming like this is a critical component to stymie recidivism."

'My strong hope is that we are actually having a seismic change in the way we view corrections,' Dart said. 'It needs to be a transformative location. When you have large amounts of the populations and your only goal is to feed them and shuffle them back and forth to court, you’re not doing your job.”

– Sheriff Tom Dart, Chicago's Cook County Jail
Chicago Tribune 2/25/2018