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Students who have taken Inside-Out courses, from both sides of prison walls, are often profoundly affected by their experiences and desire to continue to engage in dialogue, critical reflection, and activities related to social justice issues. There are several ways to stay connected:

“What a motley crew we made in that little program room at [the prison]. I often think about the incredible dynamic of our group and wonder what we must look like to the people outside that room. People of different colors, sexes, ages, education levels, social classes and opinions in a circle, laughing, talking, arguing and respecting each other for hours at a time. It has to make it difficult for anyone who watches to hold on to the status quo. The status quo says that doesn’t happen. It says that people are different and that some things are never going to change. For two and a half hours every Thursday this semester, we proved that untrue.”

(Outside Student)

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