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The Inside-Out Podcast:
The Inside-Out Podcast is hosted by David M. Krueger and is a production of The Inside-Out Center at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Click on any of the episodes below for more information on each podcast, as well as to listen to the podcast.

Episode 1: The Origins of The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

Episode 2: Inside-Out Podcast: Interview w/James Forman, Jr.

Episode 3: Inside-Out Podcast: Interview with Recently-Released Men Who Had Been Serving Juvenile Life-Without-Parole Sentences

Episode 4: Interview with Nick Cannon and Story by Ghani

Episode 5: Interview with Harold Dean Trulear

Episode 6: Interview with Marietta Martinovic (Australia)

Episode 7: Interview with Jeri Kirby (West Virginia)

Episode 8: Interview with Joe Schwartz (Pennsylvania)

Episode 9: Interview with Xavier Perez (Chicago)

Episode 10: Interview with Tiffany Simmons (Washington DC)

Episode 11: Interview with University of Greenwich Students (United Kingdom)

“…I now understand why... the type of subject taught is irrelevant. That is, while the academic material is important, it is not about conveying the information to the students. Rather, it is about getting students to unfold and create, first, a relationship with themselves. By doing so, that is when students will have the ability to connect with both themselves and others on a deeper level, which is why the academic subject is irrelevant. Essentially, what I will take from this training is that despite how scholarly or academically knowledgeable I may be, it is not my job to push my achievements and knowledge of my specialty toward the students. I am only there to facilitate that deeper human connection, and that is essential.”
(Instructor Reflection on Training)