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The following institutions of higher education have sponsored Inside-Out courses:

To learn more about becoming an educator trained in the Inside-Out pedagogy, consider attending one of our Inside-Out Instructor Training Institutes. To find out more about Inside-Out instructors who teach in your area, reach out to one of our state/regional coordinators. To update information on this page, please send an email to Dave Krueger.

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“I feel incredibly thankful to have stumbled upon the world of Inside-Out teaching. My involvement in Inside-Out has given me a venue, even as I am employed at an elite university, to put significant energies into education with disenfranchised people, as well as into collaboration amidst deep forms of diversity. The experience has highlighted the transformative value to students of combining intellectual, emotional and experiential learning. I have expanded my capacities and deepened my knowledge as an instructor and as a human being.”
(Inside-Out Instructor)