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To keep our community updated on what's new, The Inside-Out Center has launched a newsletter to be circulated on the first of each month. The Inside-Out Newsletter serves to recap the previous month's events, share Inside-Out stories, and promote upcoming opportunities to get involved.

September 2023

(Vol 3., No. 9)

Our September 2023 update includes an article remembering JoAnne Epps, Temple's 13th President, reminders about Inside-Out's upcoming 25th Anniversary event, a Temple Now article naming Inside-Out as one of 11 key violence reduction initiatives at Temple University, and the announcement of our 2024 Training Dates as well as information on how to apply and get the word out.

Click here for the September 2023 edition of the Inside-Out newsletter.

August 2023

(Vol 3., No. 8)

This edition of our newsletter features two reflections by Inside-Out Training Coaches Tore Price and Daniel Bullman, an article on the Australian Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program's implementation of Inside-Out during the COVID-19 pandemic, and announcement of an award celebrating the partnership between the Roanoke County Sheriff’s Office and Roanoke College to provide the Inside-Out Prison Exchange program in their region.

Click here for the August 2023 edition of the Inside-Out newsletter.

July 2023

(Vol 3., No. 7)

This edition of the Inside-Out Newsletter includes an announcement about Inside-Out's 25th Anniversary event to be held in Philadelphia in November 2023 - Save the Date! Additionally, we share a moving piece about the impact of current Inside-Out trainings by Liam Kruchten, an Inside-Out training assistant. Multiple Inside-Out programs across the country are highlighted in featured articles including University of Pittsburgh, Quinnipiac University, New York Medical College, University of Oregon, Wheaton College, and University of Omaha. Also mentioned is Trained Instructor Marietta Martinovic from Beyond the Stone Walls Advisory Collective who recently was awarded a certificate of recognition for improving correctional culture by Corrections Malaysia.

Click here for the July 2023 edition of the Inside-Out newsletter.

June 2023

(Vol 3., No. 7)

In this edition of our newsletter, read Allie's Message - A message from a member of the first inaugural Inside-Out Prison Exchange Course at John Carroll University with Trained Instructor Richard Clark. We also highlight the launch of a new three-pronged model class in a piece written by Inside-Out Intern Lindsey McAnany. Inside-Out programs from University of Michigan-Dearborn, New York Medical College, and Indiana University are featured in independent articles.

Click here for the June 2023 edition of the Inside-Out newsletter.

May 2023

(Vol 3., No. 5)

This edition of the Inside-Out newsletter highlights California Lutheran University's 2023 COAS Dean Speaker Series featuring Lori Pompa, Inside-Out's founder and executive director. Additionally, California Lutheran University shares a tribute to student Justin Osuna, who recently passed away but was beloved by the class. Also featured are inspiring stories from class closings around the United States!

Click here for the May 2023 edition of the Inside-Out newsletter.

April 2023

(Vol 3., No. 4)

In this edition of our newsletter, we share about Vancouver Island University's Inside-Out course, a Pittsburgh Inside-Out program facilitated by Norm Conti at Duquesne University receiving a $150,000 federal grant, and an Inside-Out Program at Arizona State University. Additionally, the runners-up for the Educational Review Article of the Year Award included a piece co-authored by Inside-Out Trained Instructors Kate O'Brien, Hannah King, and Josie Phillips of Durham University along with their students.

Click here for the April 2023 edition of the Inside-Out newsletter.

March 2023

(Vol 3., No. 3)

In this edition of the Inside-Out Newsletter, we highlight our upcoming training dates while sharing some of the top stories from Inside-Out this month. Renee Heberle discusses "Glass House", the magazine published by People for Change, an alumni think tank of the University of Toledo. A new podcast episode spotlights Vancouver Island University's Inside-Out Program with students Chris Lamoureux and Thea Karmazynski. An academic paper co-written by Cassandra Philippon, Kevin A. Wright, Cody W. Telep, and Olivia P. Shaw discusses the life-changing potential of Inside-Out Programs across the globe. Christina Rivers of DePaul University shares the ways the Inside-Out Program facilitates a powerful experience for her students. The Beyond the Stonewalls Advisory Collective (BSWAC), a community-based think tank in Australia, continues to work with Corrections Victoria and other stakeholders to improve policies and practices by establishing common ground resulting in valuable and effective change. An Inside-Out course developed in collaboration between the Penn State Bellisario College of Communications and the Restorative Justice Initiative, led by Shaheen Pasha, engages in discussions on the intersections of journalism and the justice system from inside the jail walls. Check out this issue to read even more inspiring stories!

Click here for the March 2023 edition of the Inside-Out newsletter.

February 2023

(Vol 3., No. 2)

This edition of our newsletter features 'Justice is as Justice Does' - a piece written by Inside-Out training coach Joe Schwartz discussing how a group of nine formerly-incarcerated men and women met with 12 prosecutors from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office for two hours to enter into a dialogue about issues of crime and justice. Additionally, we have another piece titled 'Traveling Transformations' written by Andrea Zittlau, Brenda Kucirka, and Jayne Thompson discussing creative workshops run in partnership with SCI Waymart in Pennsylvania. Other highlights include an Inside-Out closing ceremony for the UNT Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program organized by Haley Zettler, the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program at Boston College and the newly-launched College Pathways Program led by Matt DelSesto, and much more!

Click here for the February 2023 edition of the Inside-Out newsletter.

January 2023

(Vol 3., No. 1)

In the first edition of our 2023 newsletter, we highlight the Arizona State University Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program's recent presidential award. Additionally, we share articles where University of Illinois-Chicago Dean of Libraries Rhea Ballard-Thrower discusses bringing the program to UIC Law, and Gwynedd Mercy University’s Patrick McGrain and his students share their experience in the class. Other articles mention Roanoke College’s yoga meditation during a Dec. 1 graduation celebration for a course led by Melanie Trexler and Jamie Chapman's appointment as director of the All-College Honors Program at Westminster College.

Click here for the January 2023 edition of the Inside-Out newsletter.

December 2022

(Vol 2., No. 12)

In the final edition of Volume 2, we highlight the first-ever Penn State Brandywine Inside-Out Closing Ceremony at George W. Hill Correctional Facility, as well as graduation day for Keystone College and SCI Waymart Inside-Out students. 

An announcement is made celebrating the election of Rhea Ballard-Thrower to the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) 2023 Board of Directors, a collaboration with an out-of-state high school student group, and Gregory Bruno’s newly released book “Theory and Practice for Literacy in the Prison Classroom: An Inquiry Approach for Students and Educators”. Additionally, we share about the Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis Spirit and Place Festival and a re-entry simulation at SCI Albion..

Click here for the December 2022 edition of the Inside-Out newsletter.

November 2022

(Vol 2., No. 11)

In this edition of the Inside-Out Newsletter, we share information on our 25th Anniversary Event, share highlights from the 2022 Global Symposium in Toronto, a Pennsylvania Statewide Consortium, an Inside-Out Interview, and more.

Click here for the November 2022 edition of the Inside-Out newsletter.

October 2022

(Vol 2., No. 10)

The October 2022 edition of our newsletter includes a piece by Trained Instructor Nan Feyler highlighting a recent discussion with a group of formerly incarcerated Inside-Out coaches about teaching Inside-Out in law schools. The coaches agreed that we need to reimagine justice and put humanity back into the legal system. Among other stories, we also share news of the Inside-Out Center's recent move back to the Criminal Justice Department on Temple's campus and awards won by Arizona State University and the University of West Florida.

Click here for the October 2022 edition of the Inside-Out newsletter.

Earlier Newsletter Editions

The Inside-Out Center Newsletter was launched in March, 2021. All early editions have been archived. Click here for the Newsletter Archives page.

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